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"One redeeming and especially good aspect of returning as The Ghost of Mark Twain is that I do not currently have one enemy in the world, having 'outlived' all the S.O.B.s....but that's all about to change."

The Ghost of Mark Twain

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The Ghost of Mark Twain 

captures the essence of America's great author, who "re-emerges" back into our presence as the Ghost of Mark Twain, complete with all his original wit, cynicism, satire and humor, never been rivaled.  

Since his demise, some 109 years ago in 1910, he has accumulated a profound thirst and sincere need for resumption of his cigar habit, which was totally out of control back then and is now regulated, along with a strict 10-point atonement-plan entitled, The Divine Community Service Agreement with God.  

Apparently, God has grown weary of his nagging and complaining about purgatory and has reluctantly agreed to a very structured discipline plan and a return to earth to make amends for all his earthly shortcomings, first time around. 

To add another dimension to the story, related, YouTube, short, video clips have been connected by hotlinks in the e-book versions and via QR Codes in the paperback edition. 

This interactive feature adds a unique and more entertaining adventure to the story that is the first in the series of The Ghost of Mark Twain books, scheduled for release this year and next. 

In fact, the next is entitled, The Ghost of Mark Twain-What's Next.  It promises to bring more of the master's wit, wisdom, satire and humor into a new dimension as he comments on all the changes and things that need to be relayed to you..."for your own good." 

You can sign up for notification of the next edition, when it "hatches" in the very near future.  

To tide things over, you can get the e-book version immediately before it's too late on Amazon at this link: Kindle Books for $5.49 or by paperback via online order from Barnes and Noble for $9.95